Fast Food Fight

The afternoon starts off with <u>Al</u> and<u> JD</u> hanging out at the shop. Old and new war stories of previous runs and misadventures are exchanged as JD deals out hands with an old deck of playing cards that was found. Betting is always a most to keep the attention of the adrenaline junkies, and Al bets a revolver that he heisted off of the <u>Scorching Dead</u>'s base. With such high stakes, both runners pull out the stops to try and ensure their hands are well stocked. However, JD's CPU processes to fast for Al to slip by with a little palming, and she calls him out on trying to slip in an extra ace. Upon winning the hand, JD gladly takes the revolver and stashes it away.

<u>Roger</u> phones in and, with his usual charm, gives the details of a scheduled meeting with <u>Mr. George Hampton</u> of <u>Hampton Holistic Healthcare</u>. Apparently, he lost something very important to him and needed help finding it.

Upon arriving at Hampton Holistic Healthcare, the pair were instantly hit with the multitude of smells and sights of a shamanistic shop as well as the slightly ruffled Mr. Hampton. At first, the elf didn't notice the customer's entrance, but after Al's introductions, he was a flurry with getting them back to his office so he could explain what was going on.

Apparently, the <u>Fratelli Family</u> had been running a protection ring in the area and Hampton was late on making his payment. As an incentive, the Fratellis took Hampton's 17 year old daughter, <u>Moxie</u>.

-Al's bleeding heart

-JD agreeing if she can make some heart's bleed

-Make it look like someone else

-Grab sniper and invextigate with fly spy

-Kinkos across the street

sKillz-R-Us Calendar

Below is the link to post all of your nefarious doings as the months go by in Hotlanta.

Dates that are in the past have been grayed out. Then three lines below date consist of Team/Al's timeline/GG's timeline.

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