Looking for problem solvers that can come up with creative solutions? A helping hand in to meet that ever looming deadline? Then look no further! we got the metahumans to help you with ANY problematic project that you may have! Just give us a call at Skills-R-Us. A location near you coming soon!

And so began the epic journey of a few small-fry chummers looking to make some quick CAS Dollars. Skills-R-Us is a company that makes its bread and butter off of odd jobs that may present themselves from time to time. On the books, Skills-R-Us is a legitimate company, but the 'S' doesn't light up on that sign out front for a reason. Hopefully, (Joe & Minyard) are able to keep their heads on their shoulders while evading Lone Star's radar as a front for running the Shadows. Tune in and find out. Everything has its price!


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